Hello My name is Reece and im a young music artist, im 14 as of currently and i wish to make songs untill...some day i decide to stop lol, fr i love music and nothing is gonna take me away from it

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Life and what's to come for me!

Posted by EarlyAccess - June 21st, 2022

This announcement is going to be up on here and Discord, as of right now my life is not quite at its peak, and I've reached one of the worst points ever in my life due to a number of factors, I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and chronic loneliness all very common mental health problems, again due to a number of factors, recently my friends and family have treated me in a way that makes me feel horrible, I feel used and everything I say gets pushed aside because people think that because I'm a guy I'm expected to man up and grow up from situations like the ones I've been in, about 2-3 weeks ago I found out that my now ex gf cheated on me with one of my friends, this has included a knock on effect where now more and more situations are being brought up in an excuse to make me feel much worse, my friends are leaving me, I had an amazing girlfriend who never even cared about me who I've also lost, I cant talk to my family and I'm finding life difficult, due to all of this the music uploads will stop after the 2nd July and everything will come to a halt unless things get better because I cant drain myself out anymore than I'm doing now, I hope you all understand and I hope this shows that not all guys can take this with a grain of salt :(




Dude, that sounds so tough! So sorry to hear that. If you ever need someone to talk things through with, I'm a PM away.

Thanks man, i really appreciate that, its been hard for me, alot of people havnt be able to see my side of things locally so the people i live around arent to fond of me anymore, again thank you!